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"What does it take to get of your career into your calling without sacrificing your family and financial needs?"

This was the question I asked myself everyday in a three our round trip commute to my technology sales role in New York City.

Everyday I sat down at my desk, something felt off, my chest would tighten, my throat would close up and deep down i felt like i didn't belong. I knew I was here on this planet for something bigger, but i did not know how I was going to do it! How was I going to leave my security, salary and benefits for this "thing" that I don't even know what it is yet? I was trapped!

Prior to my career I had two unsuccessful business ventures, and needed to take a career to support myself. The problem was deep down I knew I was meant for more than a salary or benefits package. I knew I was not meant to settle.

So I went into an inquiry, that no one was asking themselves.

"How could this actually be done?"

From that point on I was on a mission to uncover what it would take for anyone in any industry to get out of their career and into their calling without sacrificing their family or financial needs.
In order to make this happen, I had to make this happen for myself first.

That is leadership!

I went through a journey of discovering myself, by working with some of the world's leading experts in different business and spiritual spaces, Including Dr. Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, Dr. Donny Epstein and other top psychologists and experts I could find.

What I uncovered was a common theme around why my first two businesses were unsuccessful and why I felt lost in my career. What was at the root, was an identity shift, a total realization that I had been doing everything for the wrong reasons! I was doing them for who I thought I was! What I had to give up who I thought I was, for who I remembered myself to be.

I had to return back to myself.

From this shift, I connected to myself in the deepest way!

From this shift, I also got my answer!

I uncovered a map!

A map in which anyone can use to get out of their career and into their calling!

Currently today I have helped hundreds of my clients navigate their journeys, using the same "Map" out of their career and into their calling, without interrupting their current financial needs.

Now, I see something bigger, I see a world where if you are still doing something, that is against who you truly are, you will realize quickly that it is not energetically sustainable.

Which is why I started Soul Venturer.

With Love,

Robert B. McGuinness
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Robert has uncovered it!

He has uncovered what he calls the map, that anyone in any industry can use to get out of their career and into their calling without sacrificing their current family or financial needs.

What he wants to do is share this map with you!

Within this map, there are three stages to your journey of becoming a Soul Venturer.

The Soul Venturer, is the individual who continually says "yes" to the calling they are
getting in life.

Below are the three stages to the journey,




What he discusses, is what is required on the journey along with the step by step process anyone can use to navigate out of their career and into their calling effectively and without jeopardizing their current family or financial needs.
Robert is passionately relentless about helping you claim the truth in this world you were meant to claim. His mission is to further help humanity remember who they have always been, so they can all claim their power. His wisdom and presence go beyond.

Robert is a deep, mythical man with a big heart, who is relentlessly committed to experiencing his destiny. He is a man who pours his entire heart and soul into all of his clients and everything he does.

Robert has helped hundreds of his clients navigate their journey out of their career and into their calling to have a six figure infastracture.

His clients come from all industries and backgrounds. some have been in the teaching industry, architects, corporate executives, nurses and a plethora of industries, while others have even made it to Shark Tank and have gotten funding. The beauty is that robert feels so strongly about the map he supports his clients in using to navigate the three stage of their journey out of their career and into their calling without sacrificing their family or financial needs.
R  I'm always advising and challenging other people to dig deeper, but I have been guilty of not always stopping to apply the advice I give to others to myself. Coaching with Robert, reminds me of how necessary it is for me to always check and evaluate self. To wake up what's lying dormant inside of me. The greatest benefit has been accepting what I knew was already there.

Viara lyadflnni

Co—Founder of Angels and Tomboys

R After being a teacher for 20 years I was in a sea of overwhelm with trying todevelop what I thought was my next move from scratch. I knew there was something brewing within me and I had something bigger to offer, but the path was unclear and I had limited experience with business building period, let alone marketing or messaging. When I spoke with Robert I had no doubt that this was the move I needed to make to get me to the next level. As soon as I began working with Robert so much became clear; personally and professionally. I realized what was stopping me from taking leaps forward. With Robert's support I was able to fill myfirst retreat with I! womenll This was a huge reflection of the work with Soul Venturer. I know this wouldn't have happened otherwise. Working with Rob continues to give me so much support, reflection and tools for moving forward with my soul's calling. I am now building a business in alignment with my highest soul's calling that will be sustainable and utilizing my highest gifts. The goals I had written down which seemed like a far off dream had suddenly become a reality and even more is becoming possiblell l have remembered so much of my story that directly relates to how I can serve now. l have a special and unique gift for this world. If you really want to gain clarity on what you are here to do and make huge leaps forward in actualizing it in a way that deeply aligned, you need to work with Robert and Soul Venturer immediately!!!!

Amanda Easton

Founder Of The Tiny Star Project

RThe results I have gained in the Awakened Accelerator course have been life changing and incredibly consistent! I had over 25 breakthroughs in the 8 week course that have cleared my path from my blocks that were not in my sightest awareness. My biggest takeaway from the course was learning how to listen to my body to know what feels aligned for me to activate my inner GPS to lead me to make decisions that are in my soul’s alignment. I also gained immense clarity on my soul’s mission and have narrowed it down in a way that serves a niche audience. This has allowed me to begin the process of executing my dream business and creating it into my life-long journey to help others through my purpose. Nothing makes me feel more energized and alive than this feeling! Prior to this course I was lost, and had lots of blocks in front of my soul’s mission and I did not know where I was going. Working with Robert has been powerful and inspiring, he is so attentive, supportive and committed to my growth! He has helped me realize how possible it is to create my dream into an ACTUAL reality. Life hasn’t been the same since!

Danyra Varela

R I went In to this course looking for clarity and clarity is what I got! At first I felt I wasn‘t the right person for a coach, after the course I see why the whole world needs a coach and I truly believe that!. We are all trying hard to figure all this out and there are resources accessible to everyone should capitalize on. I realized that what I was worried about most was the first thing within myself that I needed to face, that shift was perhaps my biggest takeaway. That I'm standing In my own way and that without a coach I could potentially have never seen the things that life was desperately trying to show me. Knowing that the way I was seeing my current situation was dysfunctional and not serving me, was the necessary first step! Naturally and immediately, circumstances began to shift. The support I received through making some necessary but frightening changes was a gift I never anticipated. It was one of the most profound surprises working with Rob. That it wasn’t entirely about bringing me somewhere else, but seeing me where I was at. For someone like me, a teacher, with a burning inner desire to take anything I know and feel to be true, and spread it around like confetti, it's difficult to NOT constantly encourage other people to do what I just did in this course. Although Robert has a career oriented mission intertwined in his work, there are gifts within his work that far surpass one area of life. The lessons are invaluable to anyone no matter your path, they apply to all areas of life. I immediately felt a comfort level with Robert that fostered a dynamic making it effortless to dive deep and feel safe in doing that. Through Robert’s guidance, I am recognizing that after getting married with children I did forget who I was on some level. This course reminded me of the path I have always been on and clarified my next steps, which brought me back to this feeling of being home again! It wove the threads of my life experiences together in a way that revealed a deeper path that I have been walking! It brought this path to light and into to my awareness where now, all things seem possible.

Brayden Peters

Founder of Fight For Freedom

R " I would absolutely recommend this program! Robert has an amazing ability to help you dive deeper in coaching sessions in a safe and loving atmosphere. I had some amazing aha moments and some completely vulnerable moments that I felt comfortable. The support, compassion, action plan and motivation I received from Robert was something I have never received before from a coach. You can feel that he really cares about you and your success! Before the course I felt very scattered and no real sense of direction with my life and business, I was working as a health coach for someone but always knew I was capable of more. I knew I wanted to get it up and running, but Robert really helped me target in on my 'why' of starting a business. After the course I have been able to attract clientele that are aligned with the programs I offer which in turn helps with retention of my clients. The biggest takeaway for me was diving deeper into my identity and who I really am. Over the past few years my self worth had been declining because of a sense of a loss of identity and purpose due to changes that were happening in my life. To be able to find that again has given me new purpose and inspiration! The most surprising thing for me that showed up was some self sabotaging beliefs that I held. Once I discovered them I was able to change my mindset and thinking around them. I feel as though I have always really known what I’m meant to do but this process was able to confirm things for me and give me the confidence needed to move forward. I have really uncovered that I really am a strong, loving confident woman who will achieve what she is meant to do! My truth that I have remembered about myself is that I have a voice that needs to be heard and I need to express myself without any feeling of being small. I need to play big and know that my voice matters."

Jenilee Roy

Nutrition Coach at Live Well Empowered

R "Working with Robert and Soul Venturer was really a great experience. My biggest take away was getting in touch with the events from my past that formed the patterns that have caused me to engage in people pleasing behavior and fostered a lack of authenticity to myself. I think I was most surprised by Robert's emotional maturity and sensitivity, I felt like I could be open and trusting without any reservations. I felt safe and understood every time we went deep on some very personal things. Robert was an excellent guide on my inward journey and I felt like he helped me uncover things no one else ever has. I told Robert stories from my past that have been buried for years and that I never told anyone before. What I have uncovered by going through this course was that, no one can do what I can do, my art is sacred. I feel now I am ready to enter into all my dealings with an increased sense of self worth. I am seeing my work in a new light as something much more special than I used to. Something to be honored that is sacred and unique to me. I feel a very legitimate confidence boost and I am even more hungry than I was before. I now know that becoming the artist I have always been is only the beginning of a much larger journey to create a space for art and creativity in the future. I can see how my souls mission can really carve out a place and improve the world in a way that will bring me personal fulfillment every step towards actualizing the bigger dreams."

Evan Criscolo

R Working with Robert has absolutely changed my life for the better! Robert has a great way of helping you implement a very simple and specific routine to help you clear away any blockages that may be in your way to get faster results One of the biggest surprises that I took away from his course was helping me create a new belief system that actually helped me helped me attract a soulmate relationship in my life! His course helped me to utilize the law of the universe to attract the right people to help me get things done in my business that has allowed it to grow! 

Ruth Dorsainville

Chairwoman of DNA Staffing Corp.


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